Courses Taught

The following is a listing of courses that I have designed, developed and taught at Tallahassee Community College.

Touchscreen InterfaceCGS 2069 – Starting a Business on the Internet (web based)

Introduction to the necessary knowledge and skills required to develop and start a business on the internet. Topics include an overview of internet commerce, business basics, advertising, marketing, and security issues. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about this course.




CGS 2103 – Advanced Micro Computer Applications (face-to-face)

An advanced personal computer course dealing with microcomputer software applications that are typically used in the workplace. Topics covered include complex aspects and advanced features of word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, internet, and integrated applications.


CGS 1555 – Internet (web based)

Covers the internet from an intermediate level. Students compare and contrast web browsers, search tools, and a variety of utilities most often used with current internet technologies. Discussions will be on current events related to the Internet and mobile technologies. Hands-on activities will vary each term.

CGS 1820 – Web Page Authoring (web based)

Introduction to HTML for use in creation of web pages, covering the basics of creating web pages with links, graphics, tables, forms, cascading style sheets, and basic page design fundamentals.

CGS 1060 – Computer Literacy (web based)

Introductory level course for the use of microcomputers, computer terminology, overview of computer hardware, an introduction to the Microsoft Office suite, and online software course programs.

SLS 1510: College SuccessSLS 1510 – College Success (web based)

Designed to build and reinforce skills necessary for college and career success. Topics include: motivation, goal setting, learning styles, time management techniques, test skills, reading textbooks, memory skills, wellness, financial management, choosing a college major and other career planning topics.