Service Philosophy

My service philosophy is to engage in activities where I can most effectively apply my professional knowledge, unique skills, interests, and personal life experiences for the enrichment of the college and community. To meet this philosophy to my best ability, I take every opportunity to volunteer, especially in areas where I feel I can make a significant contribution to my profession, students, college, community, and beyond.

Encouraging students to feel personally engaged in their learning, the college, and the community is a central part of my commitment to service. It is my belief that having a strong commitment to service enhances a student’s professional and personal growth as well as my own. Service also provides networking opportunities with individuals in the community and college. These same individuals have the potential to provide collaboration and mentoring opportunities for both my students and me.

I have found it beneficial to establish a balance between my work, research, teaching goals, and service work by focusing on projects that are likely to be the most beneficial and productive to higher education community. It is for this reason I was an active member in the SLS Textbook Committee and authored four of the chapters for the new textbook that was first used in the Fall 2007 semester.

I particularly enjoy assisting faculty in applying instructional design concepts to their courses to increase student success, introducing others to innovative instructional technology, and serving on committees that encourage positive change in education in substantive and lasting ways. I have had the opportunity to serve on the following committees: 

Florida Virtual Campus
* Community College Consortium OER Advisory Board (CCCOER), 2011-present

Tallahassee Community College
* Health and Wellness Committee, 2008
* Learning Management Ad Hoc Committee, 2007
* Student Success Textbook Committee, 2006 -2007
* Website Ad Hoc Committee, 2006
* Email Ad Hoc Committee, 2006
* College Level Academic Skills Tests (CLAST) Advisory Board, 2005 -2007
* Graphic Design/Multimedia/Video Programs Advisory Board, 2004